Microsoft’s $150 New Controller Is A Gamer’s Dream

Microsoft recently announced an updated controller with a 3.5mm jack input instead of a proprietary input, but this new controller is an entirely new beast. The new Elite wireless controller comes with hair-trigger locks, a textured rolling pad instead of the good old D-pad and bumpers. But the best part is that most components and swappable, meaning that you can switch the joystick for a D-pad, or remove the bumpers. This new controller will be compatible with the Xbox One and Windows 10. It costs $150.

On the back, you can find four new paddle buttons that you can customize. As the Xbox One comes with another controller, most games won’t need this new controller, but you will be able to remap buttons to this new buttons. And it will offer an advantage for gamers who switched to the new Elite controller as you can keep your two thumbs on the joysticks at all time.

There are a few configuration triggers as well. It seems like you can customize the sensitivity of the sticks and triggers. You can also remap all the controls. In many ways, this is a gamer’s dream as many players spend thousands of hours with the Xbox One controller, and it doesn’t offer a lot of customizations in its existing form.

According to Ars Technica, you can also choose between concave and convex joysticks. The controller comes with three different joysticks, two lengths of paddle. Microsoft will release an app to customize your controller, and the settings will be stored on the controller itself.

The Elite Wireless Controller is coming in October for $150.

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