Adobe Brings Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Shape CC And Color CC To Android

Adobe launched four new Android apps today (slightly ahead of schedule). While the company has long offered iOS tools for popular apps like Photoshop, Lightroom and others, it has generally not made these services available for Android. Starting today, however, Creative Cloud subscribers can also use Photoshop MixBrush CC, Shape CC and Color CC on Google’s platform.

KkL2emq8NCDtAe9cnGuMu22eb891bzHxHJXzCvnhVBkIoLt4ir19hAYFmtZStgl4rhw=h900According to Scott Morris, Adobe’s senior marketing director for Creative Cloud, the company saw a lot of demand for Android and decided it was time to bring its tools to Google’s platform. To make this possible, the team had to first port Adobe’s Creative SDK to Android, so it took a while before the company was ready to launch these new apps. Morris also noted that it’s simply harder to develop for Android given the wide variety of Android devices on the market.

Overall, Adobe’s strategy around mobile apps has long been to release relatively single-purpose apps instead of mobile versions of its main Creative Cloud apps.

Brush CC, for example, lets you create brushes for Photoshop, Illustrator and Photoshop Sketch from photos you capture on your mobile phone or tablet.

Similarly, Shape CC lets you create vector drawings based on photos from your phones, and Color CC (aka Kuler) lets you pick colors from any image you capture on mobile and save them as color palettes for later use in the Creative Cloud apps.

Photoshop Mix is a bit different in that it gives you access to some basic image-editing tools from Photoshop (including content-aware fill) on mobile.

Overall, Morris tells me, the Android apps have the same feature set as their iOS counterparts.