Apple Teases Wireless CarPlay And Automaker Apps

Today Apple announced at WWDC that CarPlay will now be able to wirelessly connect to your iPhone. Previously, interfacing your iOS device with CarPlay required a constant wired connection with the car’s entertainment system.

Additionally, automakers themselves will now be able to create apps for CarPlay which can control systems within the vehicle. Previously, drivers had to exit the CarPlay app in order to access and control other system within the car.

By granting automakers access to the CarPlay system, Apple is making it clear that they want CarPlay to be the main system running in your car. With the average American spending more than an hour and a half a day in the car, Apple has a chance to not only be the center of your desktop and mobile life, but also your commute.

Apple also mentioned that it is making CarPlay available to more in-dash screen types and sizes, including HiDPI screens.

Notably, wireless CarPlay isn’t going to be compatible with currently released cars, but will available on all future CarPlay compatible systems.