The TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off Is Coming To Austin And Seattle In June

TechCrunch is headed to Austin and Seattle on June 23 and June 25 respectively, and we’re stoked to see what some of our favorite cities have to show us.

We’ll be holding the world famous TechCrunch Pitch-Off, where about ten companies will have exactly sixty seconds to pitch their product live on stage. Alongside the input of the audience, local VCs and TechCrunch editors will hold a Q&A after each pitch and cast a vote for the winners.

First place takes home two tickets to TC Disrupt SF in September and a table in the Startup Alley. Second place receives two tickets to the big show, and third place (Audience Choice) gets one ticket.

After the competition, we’ll just hang out and chat over a few beers. (That means 21+.)

Historically, we’ve had a lot of fun in Seattle and Austin. (Seriously. Check it out.)

So who’s with me?

Startups who want to present in the pitch-off should head here to apply. Applications close on June 5.

Click here to buy tickets to the Austin Meetup + Pitch-off on June 23.

Click here to buy tickets to the Seattle Meetup + Pitch-off on June 25.

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