Periscope Surfaces On Android

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, has arrived on Android. After a debut on iOS early this year, the company’s Android app development under former Twitter for Android developer Sara Haider went full-steam on bringing Periscope to Google’s mobile OS. The Android version has all the functionality of the iOS version, but with some new perks, including a “return to broadcast feature” to jump back into a stream when pulled out to attend to something else on your device.

Rival Meerkat actually beat Periscope to Android, with a private beta launch earlier this year followed by an open beta debuted at the beginning of May. But where Meerkat was clearly moving quickly, likely with MVP-level software to try to build up a first-move advantage, Periscope appears to have put a lot of care into making sure its app arrived on Android fully formed, and even a few features ahead of its iOS equivalent for users to check out.

Users of Periscope on Android will need KitKat 4.4 or later, and the look includes elements inspired by Google’s Material Design philosophy and guidelines. To get it, you head to this link for the Google Play Store.