Meerkat Launches Its Android App To All

Live video streaming app Meerkat beat Twitter’s own Periscope to market on iOS, and now it’s available on Android for all, with no Periscope app for Google’s mobile OS to be seen. The Meerkat app for Android carries a “Beta” label, as did a previous version that was locked down only to a select group of invitees, but it doesn’t appear to have that many limitations in terms of device options, and the core feature list is fairly complete relative to the iOS version.

Viewing streams from the app seems to work well, and the app retains the same rules as the iOS version, meaning that you can’t re-watch feeds once they’ve gone.


The app’s decisions to push quickly on Android in order to get some breathing room between itself and Twitter-owned Periscope on that platform is probably a good strategy, but we’ll see if that ends up resulting in a significant or defensible first-mover advantage on the platform.

Expect hiccups since that beta tag is still in place, but if you’ve been craving some Android Twitter live-streaming goodness, now’s your chance to get some.