Tinder Partners With Zedd To Offer His New Album For $3.99

Tinder is launching a new partnership with Zedd to offer his upcoming album, True Colors, for an exclusive price of $3.99.

Not unlike past partnerships with artists like Jason Derulo, Tinder and Zedd are working together to create a special profile for Zedd that is pushed across Tinder’s network of U.S. users. In this case, however, folks that swipe right on Zedd will be sent a link to purchase his new album (as a digital download) for $3.99.

Tinder confirmed to TechCrunch that this isn’t a revenue-generating partnership but rather a marketing play to give users exclusive access to cool people and products. Like Zedd and True Colors.

Tinder has been actively moving into the world of advertising and marketing, launching an ad for Bud Light’s #WhateverUSA that is specific to Tinder. Tinder says that this doesn’t fall under their proper advertising product, but the idea of leveraging the network’s millions of users to offer engagement for brands and artists is certainly not lost on the LA-based company.

After all, the launch of ads also opens up the path to a premium product, which Tinder just launched in the past few months.

It’s called Tinder Plus and it offers special features like a Rewind button (letting you go back on your last left swipe) and PassPort (which lets you search for matches anywhere in the world). Tinder Plus also (not surprisingly) gets users out of advertisements, which thus far have been few and far between but will likely begin to infiltrate the platform more and more.

If you’re interested in getting some Zedd on the cheap, hop on Tinder and start swiping.

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