Giphy Makes Email Slightly Less Horrendous With Giphy For Gmail Extension

We can all agree that email is the worst thing that’s ever happened to any of us. Sure, it made the postal service obsolete and it speeds up the rate of textual transmission by a factor of 200,000 or so, but that doesn’t mean that most of us aren’t drowning in promotions and newsletters. But there is hope. Friends: Giphy, the GIF search-and-share service we all know and love, has just inserted itself into your Compose window.

That’s right: with a nifty little Chrome extension, Giphy will now be available from directly within the Compose window of your Gmail.

“GIFs should be easy to share and it’s really exciting as more companies come to us wanting to make that a reality,” said Julie Logan, queen glitter bomb at Giphy. “In this case, we worked with the Inbox SDK to put Giphy right into your Gmail composer.”

Alongside the usual icons for formatting text, you should also see the familiar rainbow Giphy icon in the same bar. When you click on the icon, you’ll be shown a handful of popular GIFs with a search bar at the top. Search, choose, click, and your GIF is embedded and ready to be sent in the email.

This is but one of many integrations that Giphy has through its platform, including a Translate integration with Slack that is likely the source of much procrastination around the globe.

If you want to download the Giphy for Gmail extension, just click on the link here. It will be a SLAM DUNK!