PageCloud Wants To Simplify Website Creation

PageCloud launched at Disrupt NY 2015 today to allow users to drag-and-drop photos, video, text or other elements onto a web page in order to create the look they want on a website.

Much like other simplified web content management systems, such as Wix or Squarespace, PageCloud offers several pre-built templates, fonts and other elements to choose from. But it branches off from these other tools from there with the ability to take any element on the page and drop it into another location.

Users can copy a font from another website and paste it onto a web page created with PageCloud in order to use that font. They can even copy the look and layout of an entire website and then drag and drop certain elements in other places on the page. PageCloud also includes the ability to take your design right from Photoshop to the web.

While simplified website creation without code knowledge isn’t new, the ability to drag-and-drop and rearrange the page elements using the PageCloud software is an “evolutionary” offering with several patents pending, according to founder and CEO Craig Fitzpatrick.

“Other people have tried to do drag and drop, but we’ve actually spent a lot of time turning the browser into a clone of PowerPoint so you can drag and clone and make changes,” he said.

I think everyone with a web browser should be able to just free form and put it up there. PageCloud founder Craig Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick created PageCloud out of frustration with how difficult it was for those without coding knowledge to create or edit a website. It was just a side project at first. He worked on it at nights and on weekends in order to help various departments of an organization to be able to edit or switch things out on a site on their own before coming to him.

“I was always the technical guy so they asked me to fix things… I kept thinking why can’t the marketing person do this themselves?” Fitzpatrick said.

PageCloud has been in beta testing with various small businesses for the past few months and has raised $2.2 million in seed funding so far. Fitzpatrick hopes the launch will give everyone with a browser the ability to make the website they want.

“I think everyone with a web browser should be able to just free form and put it up there,” Fitzpatrick said.

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