Split Lets You Split The Bill Fairly, Not Equally

There are a number of apps out there that are made to help you split a bill at a restaurant, but even super ubiquitous ones┬álike Venmo don’t offer a truly seamless experience. At today’s Disrupt NY Hackathon, Venmo software engineer and developer evangelist Cassidy Williams built an app that makes splitting the bill as easy as taking a picture.

The idea is that you can take a picture of any receipt and then the user can flick the various line items on the bill to different friends, automatically sending them a Venmo money request.

Split also uses geofencing to determine which friends you might be at drinks or dinner with so you don’t have to sift through everyone on your friends list.

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There are other apps like Cover that split the bill equally among friends automatically, integrated directly with vendors. But oftentimes someone is ordering more drinks or extra appetizers or hogging dessert, which makes the idea of an evenly split bill less attractive. With Split, you get the familiarity of Venmo with the ability to split the app based on items purchased.

This is just a hack for the moment, but you can try it out here now.