We Asked Rock Health Founder Halle Tecco About The Future Of Digital Medicine

Health technology is becoming a big topic in 2015. We’re seeing wearable technology that can automatically upload our health data to the cloud, cellphones are becoming tools to connect us to the doctor’s office, a Google moonshot project detects cancer on an app and 23andMe has received FDA approval for at least one genetic test of a rare disease.

This is now a multi-billion dollar industry that is rapidly changing the way we handle medicine.

Rock Health is a seed and early stage venture fund that supports a part of this next wave in health technology. The firm has made 85 investments in the digital health field since 2011, including health insurance platform Stride Health and Chrono Therapeutics, a biotech startup working on solutions to addictions and disease.

I sat down with Rock Health founder Halle Tecco to get her thoughts on this next phase in digital medicine.