Infinit’s New Mobile Apps Might Be The Best Way To Transfer Those Pesky HD Videos

French startup Infinit just released its mobile app for both iOS and Android. In addition to providing a simple way to send files to your friends and colleagues, it is now a full-fledged AirDrop replacement as well. As a reminder, Infinit is a file-sharing service that differs from WeTransfer or CloudApp as it uses peer-to-peer technology to boost file sharing between two users. And there isn’t any file size restriction.

Until now, many video game developers or post production specialists were using Infinit to send big files to their colleagues. For instance, Infinit can handle a huge uncompressed 100GB video file without breaking a sweat. You don’t need to leave your computer open as Infinit can pause and resume your uploads.

Behind the scene, when two persons are in the same office, Infinit uses the local network to send those files as quickly as possible. But if you are at home, Infinit seamlessly switches to a secure peer-to-peer connection. Finally, if your recipient is offline, Infinit also starts uploading right away by sending the file to its servers.

At first, the company didn’t see how a mobile app would be useful for these particular use cases. But chances are that your phone is now your primary camera. You might want to send a few HD videos from your last vacation. Right now, it is very complicated to send those files to your friends, or even to your computer. Infinit makes this a little easier.

When you open the app, you are presented with a big paper plane button at the bottom. If you press it, you can select a few photos and videos, and then send them. If your friend uses Infinit, they will receive a push notification to accept the transfer. Otherwise, they will get a link to download the files from Infinit’s servers.

The app doesn’t create a web gallery to showcase your photos, it sends your photos without compressing them or altering them in any way — this is where Infinit stands out from messaging apps that all compress your photos and videos. On mobile, the company uses the exact same technology as on desktop, meaning that you can send your files and forget about them. It takes advantage of your local Wi-Fi, creates a peer-to-peer connection if you are not on the same network or uploads to Infinit’s servers.

Finally, Infinit is a great way to share files between your own devices. Maybe you are using a Windows PC, an Android phone and an iPad — Infinit now runs on all these platforms. And I find the user experience much more effective than using AirDrop, uploading a file to Dropbox or sending an email to myself.

Infinit raised $1.8 million from Alven Capital and 360 Capital Partners and is a Techstars NY alumnus. The company plans to roll out a premium offering soon.

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