Is Cloud-Based Collaboration For Everything

Given the world’s shift toward video, both in terms of consumption and creation, it’s almost surprising how tedious and painstaking the process of post-production collaboration can be. Lots of services focus on pieces of the problem, like accelerated file sharing or review in-progress collaboration, but there isn’t really a service that covers everything, end-to-end., launching today, wants to be that service. was designed to stand on its own and integrate with any type of files, from music to photos to video, without having to sit on top of an existing service like Vimeo or Dropbox. Users can share files up to 5x faster than Dropbox, according to co-founder Emery Wells, review clips frame-by-frame in a collaborative environment, and even draw on various frames to add more specificity to certain comments. handles version control so that nothing gets mixed up from one draft to the next, and makes sure that content shared through is viewable on any device.

“Our key differentiator is we aren’t just solving work in progress review, or just large file sharing, or just web based media collaboration,” said Wells. “We aren’t just focusing on video or just focusing on photos because that’s not how people work. We’ve built something from the ground up that is optimized for all types of media and is only limited by our own ideas.” offers a free product that allows for 2GB of file storage, one project and five collaborators per month, with paid tiers starting at $15/month and going up to $150/month.

The service has been in beta for the past six months with more than 680 users and 150 companies already using the platform, with clients like BirchBox, Refinery 29, and Facebook, among others. – Crafted with Love in NYC from on Vimeo.