Bezar, Bradford Shellhammer’s Reimagined, Goes Live Today

Bezar, the curated online marketplace that takes after its predecessor, is going live today with twelve designers across four categories: (art, accessories, house, and jewelry).

Bezar was founded by Bradford Shellhammer, cofounder of who left in November of 2013, and took much of the “special sauce of” with him when he left. I’ve visited Shellhammer’s home, with pink living room walls and a black kitchen and so many brightly colored knick knacks that the eye has trouble focusing on any one thing.

Without a doubt, Shellhammer is the style curator for Bezar, as he has created relationships with various designers since his early time at Fab and was even described by Goldberg as the special ingredient to Fab’s early success.

Bezar will launch with 12 new designers, three for each category, with one designer taking the featured spot in their respective category one day at a time.

The idea is to create curated pop-up shops for these designers so they can be discovered and, hopefully, cherished by new owners who prefer unique pieces to mass-produced stuff. Most products will cost between $50 and $100, with a few exceptions going above that affordable price range into more expensive gear. Once ramped up, Bezar will have around 100 products on the site at any given time, with products having a virtual shelf-life between 24 hours and three days, just like a real-life bazaar.

Shellhammer told TechCrunch that the site was currently overwhelmed with submissions from designers, with 1,300 designers reaching out pre-launch to be on the site.

Bezar has raised a total of $2.25 million in seed funding.

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