Boston Meetup. Tonight. Be There.

Dear Boston,

TechCrunch has arrived. And even through all the snow, I can honestly say that you folks are looking wicked smaht this year.

The Meetup + Pitch-off is going down tonight at Estate at 6 p.m., and we literally cannot wait to see you.

Ten wonderfully brilliant startups will be taking the stage tonight to tell you about their products in 60 seconds or fewer, with a panel of judges weighing and measuring each to decide who deserves a trip to TechCrunch Disrupt NY in May.

After the pitch-off, we’ll all get together and have a few beers and chat about what we’re working on.

It’s always fun, and I expect tonight to be better than all previous years combined. But you are a big part of that. You have to show up with a smile on your face and your Twitter feed tuned to #TCMeetup.

Sound good?

If you haven’t already done so, you can get tickets here.

Oh, and before I forget… TechCrunch Disrupt NY is going down in May and applications are open for the Disrupt Battlefield, so don’t tarry! Apply now!