Google’s Mobile Search Now Highlights Recent Posts From News Sources

When you use Google’s mobile search to look for your favorite news sources or more information about a hot news topic, you’ll probably notice there’s something different about the search results. Starting today, Google will not just give you a link to the publication, but it will also highlight that publication’s latest stories.

Greece-FrameSay you are doing a generic search for “startups.” You’ll find not only a link to all of our posts about startups, but also a carousel with all of those posts right on the search results page. Similarly, if you are looking for the latest news about Greece and the Guardian’s site appears in your search results, the carousel will show its latest posts about Greece’s financial woes. While Google is mostly using this for news sources, it looks like it’s also using a carousel view for YouTube videos when it thinks that’s what the user is looking for.

It appears Google only picks a single source per search results page that features this new carousel.

Google notes that it is still rolling this feature out, so not every news site is included in this program yet. The company says it will make it available for more sites soon.