Jesse Draper Talks About Growing Up On The Valley Girl Show, Silicon Valley Gender Issues And Moving To TV

Jesse Draper, the daughter of VC Tim Draper and former Nickelodeon star, grew up right in front of everyone on the Internet. She started The Valley Girl Show as a web series in her parents’ garage in her early 20s. It was full of hula hoops, pink and what some have called “ditzy” antics.

Draper, now 30, says she’s grown up and changed since the show’s beginning seven years ago. She’s bringing her show to CBS network affiliate KPIX this Saturday. According to Draper, the show has matured and will drop the pink. It will be a full half-hour andĀ focus on four guests each week.

Draper also runs an angel fund to support women entrepreneurs, has vowed to make female guests at least half of the interviewees on her show and has started an organization for women in business.

She chats with us about Silicon Valley’s gender issues and what it was like to create, write, produce and grow up on a show where she interviewed some of the most prominent names in Silicon Valley.