1.7 Million People Are Testing Windows 10

Today at its Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced that its Insider program for Windows 10 has racked up 1.7 million users. Those individuals, according to the company, have created 800,000 pieces of feedback on some 200,000 topics.

The company announced that it had 1.5 million testers inside of the program, on December 17th. That implies that the company picked up around 200,000 new users of its next operating system in around one month.


Microsoft is making its pitch today that Windows 10 is the best place for developers to build their new software, stretching its reach from the smallest of computers, to the largest of screens. The numbers will bear out the truth: If developers show up to build for Windows 10, Microsoft has done its job. If they continue to cater to other platforms, it will have failed.