Windows 10 Hits 1.5M Testers, With 450K Using The OS “Day To Day”

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has around 450,000 users on a daily basis, according to the software company. A new blog post from the Windows team highlighted the statistic, also noting that it has collected 1.5 million testers for its preview operating system.

That number was 1 million on October 13. So, the pace of new signups to test Windows 10 has declined — it attracted its first million in two weeks — but also hows that interest has continued at some pace. That the OS preview has a current-signup, to active-user ratio of 3:1 feels robust.

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul, who penned the company’s latest missive, claims that 1,300 bugs in the operating system that were reported by its community have been fixed. Aul continued, promising “big things” in the next build of Windows 10, which will be shown off, and hopefully released at the company’s January 21 event. TechCrunch will be covering the happenings live.

Aul managed to make light of the recent build leaks that his company has endured:

I know that some of you are disappointed that we didn’t release another build (though we know some of them escaped….I’m looking at you 9888 & 9901…)* but now that we’ve announced our event on January 21st I can finally explain why we didn’t. We’ve been very hard at work putting together a great build for you that includes a bunch of new features and improvements. As all of those payloads came in we needed to stabilize code, fix any integration issues, and ensure all of the new UX is polished.

Microsoft has been surprisingly relaxed about recent leaked builds. Its view appears to be that if things slip out a bit early, it only adds another measure of transparency to the process of building Windows 10. Of course, it would prefer full control.

Here’s what I want to know from you: Is nearly 500,000 daily users a strong number for Microsoft, or a weak tally? Is the 1.5 million signups number strong? Let me know.