Jet Is The New Trendy E-commerce Site


If your wallet is still a little light after holiday shopping, founder Marc Lore has got you covered with the launch of, a new site that’s managing to get people hyped up about spending money on the Internet (what year is it?).

According to Re/code’s Jason Del Rey, prices on the site will typically be ~5% less than on other online stores, including Amazon. I’d love to verify that, but unfortunately Jet has a queue system where you register and then have to share links to the site in order to actually get access to the service.

I’m not about spamming friends and family so that I can save a few bucks on deodorant, but hey, apps like Mailbox have shown that it’s a system that works for getting people hyped at launch. Jet also has its own twist on the queue for the most dedicated sharers: the site promises stock options for┬áthe top 10 referrers. Even if you aren’t a huge sharer, you’ll still get a free 6-month membership for signing up now.