Canary Launches To Bring The Uber Experience To Medicinal Marijuana

Pot is great.

Having pot delivered to you, Uber-style, legally, is even better. Canary (not to be confused with the home security system) has launched in Seattle to do just that.

The process is dead simple. Use the app to snap a picture of your ID and your medical cannabis authorization and you’re all set. The app lets you browse the inventory of Seattle’s finest dispensaries by the dispensary itself, strain, or price. You’ll get little descriptions and imagery of each “product” so you know what you’re getting, and once you’ve made a selection, all you have to do is wait.

A courier will be dispatched, pick up your green, and head straight to the specified address. Payment is handled at point of delivery.

Canary promises delivery within an hour and will show you the progress of your order step by step.

Last year, Canary won the Audience Choice award at our TechCrunch Seattle Meetup and has been hard at work ever since. During the private beta, the team has signed up seven different dispensaries in the Seattle area and had 60 verified medical patients use the app. Collectively, they’ve driven $3,000 worth of new revenue to the dispensaries.

Canary also offers dispensaries analytics on peak hours and popular products, as well as the ability to offer home delivery (if they don’t already). In return, Canary takes a small slice of each transaction, though the company isn’t ready to share that exact figure just yet.

“The greatest challenge ahead is navigating legal ambiguities and regulatory push-back,” said Josiah Tullis, Canary co-founder. “We’re dedicated to operating in full-compliance with state and local laws, but in many markets legislators haven’t even addressed what we’re trying to do. We’re entering an emerging market with an innovative solution, and we hope that regulators will see the advantages of a service like Canary.”

To learn more about Canary, head over to the website right here.

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