The Belfie Proves We’ve Officially Reached Peak Selfie

Taking lots of selfies is not currently considered a mental disorder, but the amount of products coming out to support our selfie obsession is ridick. There’s the selfie stick, toasted selfies and now there’s even the Belfie, a selfie stick for your butt.

Kim Kardashian came up with the term while striking a pose of her behind in the mirror for Instagram one day. Model Cheryl Cole and Kelly Brook soon followed the trend with their own Instagram belfies and even Lady Gaga used a flattering rear photo for the cover of ‘Do What You Want.

But capturing your rear-end isn’t exactly easy if all you’ve got is your phone. Kim K is an expert selfie taker but a source close to the belfie incident told Life & Style magazine: “She took so many pictures and deleted them before she and Kanye decided on the one she posted.” The creators of selfie-plastered social network site invented the Belfie to finally, “make it easy to take pics of your bum in any angle.”

“We’ve noticed a huge spike in users taking butt selfies in recent months so the natural next step was for us to develop a device to assist our users in taking one,”’s CTO Kevin Deegan told Business Insider.

A regular selfie stick will cost you about $15 but this is obviously no ordinary selfie-taking tool . The uniquely designed piece that lets you take selfies of your back side goes for a cool $79.99. Also, it’s currently sold out. Those hoping to get in on the butt pic taking tools trend can sign up to get on the waiting list here.