Shaquille O’Neal Helped Build A Water-Proof Floating Speaker Called The SuperStar BackFloat

Even though he no longer pounds basketballs through hoops, Shaquille O’Neal has been keeping himself busy.

In collaboration with Monster, he’s helped design a new Bluetooth speaker that can float. That’s right. “You can take it in the shower with you,” said Shaq. “Not in the bathroom, but actually in the shower.”

The SuperStar BackFloat can be entirely submerged under water and will still pop right back up to the surface, spitting beads of water as it does, and float along pumping out the jams. You can find it later this year for $170.

But while we had Shaq’s attention, we asked him about some of his favorite apps. Turns out, he loves gaming.

He said his all-time favorite is MyVegas, a gambling game that offers real-time rewards. He’s also a fan of KillShot, which is a sniper-based game. But those are just two of what seem to be many games that Shaq loves, considering that he spends more than $1,000 every week on in-app purchases.

“I never get the $1.99 or $4.99 pack,” said O’Neal. “I always go big.”

Chances are he wins quite a bit, too.

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