‘The Interview’ Is Now Available On iTunes For $14.99

If you didn’t catch ‘The Interview’ when Sony began offering it for rental or purchase online earlier this week, and aren’t one of the many who have reportedly torrented it, then you may be interested to hear that the controversial flick has landed on iTunes today.

Apple customers in the US and Canada can now buy the film for $14.99 via Apple’s digital media store, a move that at least extends the devices that you can watch it on to iOS, Apple TV and OSX. Other places it can be viewed or bought include Sony’s own site, YouTube, Xbox and Google Play.

The addition of iTunes, which was first noted by Recode, is days later than the original release, but it may just open ‘The Interview’ up to new audiences and give the film some legs beyond its early days — which have coincided with the Sony email hack, which the FBI blamed on North Korea (despite evidence to the contrary), and North Korea’s own internet outage problems.

Sony originally planned to cancel public screenings of ‘The Interview’ following pressure from the hackers, but it later opted to make the film available online and in cinemas too. There’s no word on when (or indeed whether) the movie might land on Netflix, but we expect Sony to wait a while until it is done squeezing money via online purchases and rentals.

The film itself has received a number of less than favorable reviews, one of which led to one of the most amusing Twitter moments of the year.