Sony To Allow Screenings Of ‘The Interview’ On Christmas After All

Sony will be allowing select theatres to screen The Interview on Christmas Day after all, according to a tweet from Tim League, co-founder of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain. League says that they’ll have screening times available within the hour now that the restriction has been lifted.

These showtimes are new ones, and those who previously bought tickets for Christmas Day will have to have their costs refunded and repurchase. Sony has also arranged a deal with the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta to screen showings on Christmas Day, and they’ve also reinstated the official Twitter page for the movie.

After Sony’s servers and computers were hacked by an organization the FBI has identified as being related to the North Korean government (a fact of which others aren’t so sure), and vague terrorist threats were made against theaters who opted to show The Interview on its opening day as planned, major chains backed out, and then Sony canceled the release of the film altogether.

Sony will apparently also be releasing the film via video on demand channels, but we’ve yet to hear specifics about where and when it’ll be available.