HBO GO Finally Comes To Amazon Fire TV

Amazon just made good on its promise. HBO GO is now available on the Amazon Fire TV and will hit the Fire TV Stick this coming spring. Best yet, the app fully supports Amazon’s impressive voice search that let’s users find content with a button built into the Fire TV remote.

When the Fire TV launched, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos promised that the streamer would get HBO GO by the end of the year. And with just two weeks go in 2014, Amazon just made the cut.

“Since launch we’ve increased the number of services available on Amazon Fire TV by more than 4x,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President Amazon Devices, said in a released statement. “We’re thrilled to add HBO GO, the most requested service, to Fire TV in time for the holidays. HBO has produced some of the most groundbreaking and award-winning TV shows and movies, and we are excited to bring this amazing content to our customers, all of which is accessible via voice search on your Fire TV remote.”

Amazon had previously cut a deal with HBO that brought a large chunk of HBO’s back catalog to Amazon Prime Instant Video and the Fire TV devices. Yet new content from new series like Game of Thrones, The Newsroom and Girls were missing. The addition of this app sort of solves that problem; an HBO subscription is still required to view the content.