HBO GO To Land On Amazon Fire TV Later This Year

Amazon just announced a multi-year agreement with HBO to offer that cable network’s back-catalog of shows on Amazon Instant Video, free for Prime subscribers. That’s not all, though; HBO GO, which offers not only archived content but also current programming to HBO subscribers, will arrive on Amazon Fire TV by year’s end, the companies announced.

HBO GO was the one glaring omission in terms of third-party app support for the Fire TV when it was announced last month. The streaming service offers those who already subscribe to HBO via their cable or satellite provider access to the network’s extensive archive of TV series’, as well as original films, sports, miniseries and documentary programming. The current catalog is over 1,700 titles strong, which means Fire TV gains a lot of additional appeal, or at least more feature parity with some of its competitors, including Apple TV and Roku.

The deal with Amazon to offer HBO titles on the Instant video streaming library has about a three-year lag time, too, so the HBO GO offering offers those hungry for more current content a way to stay up to date. Amazon also seems to be planning to integrate HBO GO into Fire TV’s unified voice search, so anything you have access to within will appear alongside Instant titles and stuff from other content providers on the platform. No firm date on its release has been announced yet, beyond the “target”¬†of year’s end.