Endui App Looks To End DUIs

Even if you’re a relatively “good” drunk, you’re still far dumber than you are when you’re sober. It’s just science.

So technology, as it is wont to do, is swooping in to save the day. A new app called Endui (End DUI) was launched by government and police officials in Maryland with about $50,000 in funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the venture.

“It kind of takes the guesswork out of a situation where you’ve had a few drinks and you’re not sure what to,” Tom Gianni, chief of the Maryland Highway Safety Office told the AP. “This takes all the brainwork out of it.”

That said, you only need the mental faculty to actually use the app when you’re drunk, which actually feels like a bigger ask than the state of Maryland understands.

But when do you do as you should, and open up the app after a few cocktails, it will take you through various games to determine how tipsy you are, not only factoring in your movements and answers but your weight and the number of drinks you’ve had. Games test things like reaction time by showing a stop sign and a brake button, and measuring the user’s speed in following the directions.

From there, it will show you an approximated BAC-level, which should clarify how you should handle the rest of the evening.

If you’re at an unsafe level to drive (which, to be clear, is less than the legal limit of .08%) the app will present you with the number of a cab company or designated driver.

Maryland is not the first state to introduce technology like this. Other states like New York, New Mexico, Colorado and California also have their own “responsible drinking and driving” apps.

The app is free and available now on iOS and Android.