Doxie Updates Its Portable Doxie Go Scanner With Wi-Fi And iOS App

I’ve been using my Doxie Go scanner for the past two years. It’s a portable scanner small enough to keep in a drawer for when you need it. Doxie just updated its flagship scanner with not one but two new models — the Doxie Go Plus and the Doxie Go Wi-Fi.

The Doxie Go Plus, as the name suggests, is an improved version of the scanner. The company claims that image quality has been improved, as well as the feeding mechanism and battery life.

Other than that, it works more or less the same way. You turn it on, insert a sheet of paper. Then, you can either put the optional SD card into your computer, or just plug in the USB cable. The Doxie Go Plus costs $179, or $20 less than the previous model.

Now, the Doxie Go Wi-Fi has more interesting improvements, as this model comes with… Wi-Fi (and more internal storage). When you turn it on, this model will automatically join your Wi-Fi network if you’re at home or at work, or it will create a new network. This model costs $229 and is shipping next month.

The team also took advantage of the Wi-Fi feature to release an iOS app. You will be able to retrieve your scans from this app, and then take advantage of iOS 8 to share your PDFs using third-party apps.

My favorite part of the original Doxie Go scanner was probably the native Mac app. It works much better than the usual software that comes with more traditional scanners. I didn’t test the Windows version, but it’s supposed to offer the exact same features.

In the app, you can “staple” pages together in one click and save as PDF. Or you can directly share your document on Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneNote. If you are looking for a new scanner, these new Doxie scanners might be a nice alternative to the built-in scanner in your printer.

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