NightOwl Launches So You Can Get Drunker Better Faster Stronger

There’s nothing better than finding that special bar. The one that has your favorite scotch, or makes a mean margarita, or plays the perfect music. Finding that special bar, on the other hand, can be a real pain in the ass.

That’s why NightOwl is launching in NYC. The app works almost exactly like Foursquare, but with an exclusive focus on nightlife, including bars and clubs and non-food nightly gatherings. As soon as you sign up NightOwl will ask you to list a few of your favorite spots. Based on what you said, NightOwl use your location to make a few suggestions about what’s cool nearby.

As you visit more bars, you can record your favorite spots by adding a tag for the bar. You might tag it with “outdoor space” or “cocktails” or “great music.” If the tag already exists at that bar, you can simply tap on it to make it your own. By adding tags, you’re creating your own personalized lists for various bars. And of course, each tag is totally searchable.

The big difference, however, is that NightOwl has various levels of privacy on each tag. You can share it publicly, privately with friends, or anonymously. The idea here is that in the nightlife scene, there are certain things you might want to be discreet about. NightOwl gives you the privacy you might want over everything you save in the app, simply using the tags to inform others and only revealing your association with them if you want.

In other words, all tags will be associated with the locations, but only the tags that you choose will be associated with your profile.

You can also save bars by simply searching them and adding them to your lists, which are also public or private, depending on your preference.

Beyond the search functionality, NightOwl also offers complete info for every bar, including information from Yelp and Foursquare, as well as integration with Uber to plan transportation and destination simultaneously.

NightOwl is just launching out of beta and focusing on user acquisition, but in the future founder Kevin Madden sees the opportunity to generate revenue through featured or sponsored venues.

You can learn more about NightOwl right here.

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