Intel’s MICA Smart Bracelet Will Be In Stores Before Christmas For $495

Intel today debuted the Intel MICA bracelet (short for “My Intelligent Communications Accessory), which was developed in collaboration with Opening Ceremony, the CFDA and sold exclusively at Barneys.

The company also announced that it will go on sale in time for Christmas, and will retail for $495. That price includes at AT&T Sim card, complete with data and SMS messages, for two years. However, the company couldn’t clarify what kind of plan that provides in terms of data and cellular.

We got our very first chance to go hands-on with the new device, which is meant to be the first wearable that was designed with fashion as a top priority. It certainly delivers when it comes to style, made with snake skin and semi-precious stones and pearls, but it also seems to function pretty well as a communications device.

It comes with its own 3G radio, a GPS chip, and integration with TomTom and Yelp, all viewable from the curved 1.6-inch OLED display found on the inside of the bracelet.

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Since the bracelet comes with its own Sim card and number, users will be able to ‘filter’ anything that comes through the MICA by only offering that specific phone number to VIP friends and family. That way they’ll always get through in a way that isn’t distracting for the recipient.

The MICA is configurable through the computer, letting users create canned response messages they can send in reply to texts. Dozens of canned message are already pre-loaded in the device, such as “I’ll call you back” or “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

The MICA promises 48 hours of battery life depending on usage, but we’ll have to do more intensive testing to prove whether or not that’s the case.

The MICA will be available in the next few weeks at a price point of $495 from Barneys. Learn more here.