CrunchWeek: Obama On Net Neutrality, Microsoft Open Sources .NET, And Twitter Meets Wall Street

On this week’s episode of CrunchWeek, I was joined by TechCrunch writer Alex Wilhelm and editor Ryan Lawler to talk about the biggest surprises in the tech scene.

We discussed President Obama finally announcing his support of regulating Internet service as a utility, rather than as an “information service.” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler subsequently came out against that proposal, which must be frustrating for the President who appointed him.

Next up, we ruminated about the crazy changes happening at Microsoft, inspired by the company making its .NET framework and runtime open source. Microsoft is making its most reliable income streams free and embracing other platforms — how can they do that without killing their revenues?

To round out our chat, we discussed Twitter’s analyst day, where the social networking company made the case to Wall Street that it knows how to address user and revenue growth. Investors seemed to like what they saw, though there was a bit of drama due to a rather awkwardly-worded strategy statement that gave the impression that Twitter’s motivations are muddled.