Google Updates Play Music With Songza-Style Functionality

For the first time since acquiring Songza this summer, Google is integrating the technology into its Google Play Music service. The updated service gives you access to expertly curated playlists based around date, time, weather, and what Google thinks you might be up to.

Starting today, Play Music users will be able to access thousands of differently expertly curated playlists that are suited to specific moods, activities, or date and time. Users also have the option to download the playlists for offline listening, which is functionality that Songza didn’t offer as a standalone company.

Another new feature is the ability to see the next song on the playlist, as well as the ability to add, remove, or re-order the playlist to suit your particular interests.

A bit like iTunes Radio, the Play Music app with Songza integration will also allow you to create a new station based on any song in the mix.

Of course, users can also search for various stations based on a particular activity or by the name of the station.

Additionally, Play Music now has a redesigned “Listen Now” section that will help users discover new music, with cards showing recently played music, new releases that might be of interest to you, and other radio stations based on what you’ve loved in the past.

The updated Play Music app (with Songza tech built right in) is available for all Play Music users in the United States and Canada. The new “Listen Now” product is available in all 45 countries where Play Music is available.

Play Music - new recommendations - Tuesday morning