Dynosense Launches A Tricorder-Size Health Scanner That Measures Up To 56 Vitals In Less Than 60 Seconds

Dynosense aims to be a leader in digital health with a multi-function, cloud-based health scanner that founder and CEO, Saeed Azimi, lovingly refers to as a tricorder. “For those Star Trek fans, you know what I’m talking about,” he jokes.

It’s similar to Scanadu in that it’s a mobile device that measures certain vitals such as blood pressure and heart rate. The claim is that this tiny health scanning device can measure up to 56 vital signs with medical-grade quality and high accuracy, in less than 60 seconds.

Health metrics include monitoring heart beat from an Electrocardiogram (ECG), blood oxygen levels to measure respiration rate, breathing volume and breathing efficiency, core body temperature, any blood pressure changes, your hydration level, and even health basics such as body fat and weight, activity level as well as how much you sleep at night.

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The company website says this scanner system covers a healthcare market that is estimated to be worth about $26 billion in the next five years. It’s worth about $8 billion in the current market, with a projected growth of about 17% CAGR.

The applications for this sort of system are also quite wide. They include elder care, chronic diseases, hospital discharge care, consumer health and telemedicine. Doctors could use it to monitor a patient over time and parents could apply the scanner to monitor any warning signs or irregularities that might be happening with their child’s health.

“With this technology you are really arming your doctor with a lot of information,” points out VP of Business Development for Dynosense Nik Tehrani. “Imagine this, you go visit your doctor and the doctor already has a year of health information about you. This visit with the doctor will be much more meaningful similar to having three or four visits already,” he says.

It’s a cleverly fitting design as well, kind of like a Lego set. All components fit neatly together and hook into the main core. Additional components come with the upgraded models and fit neatly much the same way as the original components. The V3000 model will track sleep and activity. Dynosense’s third model, the T-1000 can integrate with a scale for measuring body fat and weight as well as hydration levels. The third model can also track medication status and fluid consumption.

“Personalization of medicine is not about what’s good for the public at large, but what is good for you,” said┬áTehrani.

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