Seriously Launches Its First Game, Best Fiends

About a year ago, a small portion of the Rovio executive team broke away to start their own company. Seriously. No, that’s what it’s called: Seriously.

So Seriously launches and decides it wants to run the same general play as Rovio did with Angry Birds, creating an addictive game that can then turn into its own media and merchandise brand. Today, that journey begins with the launch of Seriously’s first game, Best Fiends.

The game launches exclusively on iOS right now, asking users to begin a puzzle-based adventure with brand new, yet lovable characters.

The story opens in a world called Minutae, a place where playful creatures live happily until their neighboring mountain is struck by a comet. The comet unfortunately transforms the peaceful slugs nearby into terrifying monsters who capture all the parents of Minutae and take them back to their mountain.

It’s up to the kids, namely a brave little house mite, to storm the mountain and save their parents. As the protagonist moves through the game, they become more and more powerful in order to face off with the slugs.

The game was founded by former Rovio execs Andrew Stalbow and Petri Järvilehto, who have worked on games that have accumulated more than two billion global downloads.

Seriously tapped Heitor Pereira (from Despicable Me) to compose the music, and the company is also launching a YouTube channel with animated shorts.

If you want to learn more about Seriously’s Best Fiends, check out the website or download the game here.