Google Launches Mini-Marketing Lessons For Startups With New Mobile App, Google Primer

Google has rolled out a new iPhone app called Primer, aimed at teaching startups the fundamentals of marketing – with a Google spin, of course. The new app, available only on iOS for now, but coming soon to Android, complements the Google Primer website which further explains how the mini-marketing lessons Google provides overlaps with the company’s larger agenda.

“We realized that some of the Google ad-tech products which connect businesses to customers also widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros,” the website explains. “We want to fix this.”

Instead of simplifying its ad-tech offerings for those so-called “rookies,” Primer instead is focused on getting would-be marketers up to speed by offering straightforward marketing lessons, case studies, and quizzes that teach “big picture strategy.” The content is co-developed between Google and industry experts in each category, the company says.

On mobile, the app offers a handful of topics including, at launch, Search Engine Marketing, Getting Media Coverage, and Content Marketing. The lessons are designed to help startups learn the basics quickly, whenever they have 5 minutes to spare. The app also works offline so users can read through the content on the subway, on planes, or anywhere else where they may not have a good signal.

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Google says the program is in its pilot phases, more topics will be added to Primer soon.

In addition the marketing lessons themselves, Google Primer users can also opt to receive emailed activities that help them put their knowledge into action. This feature will likely be used to onboard startups to Google’s ad-tech products and services.

From a look at the app’s screenshots, it seems the marketing lessons are really basic – is there really a quiz question that asks if you should “use jargon and buzzwords?” Well, I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

Google Primer is a free download on iTunes.