Warren Buffett Says Hillary Is Going To Run — And Win

Warren Buffett told 400 of some of the world’s top women in leadership at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in California today that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. The Oracle from Omaha speculated in an on stage interview with his long-time friend and senior editor-at-large for Fortune, Carol Loomis, that Clinton will wait to announce her run as late as possible. Buffett was adamant that the former First Lady and Secretary of State will not only run but that she will also win the presidential race this time around.

“Hillary’s going to win…I’d bet money on it,” he told the crowd. He also mentioned he believes Mitt Romney will be running again.

Several Fortune staff and audience members tweeted about it his statements:

Clinton went on a Silicon Valley tour this summer, visiting the houses of Google, Facebook and Twitter to possibly lay the seed for financial asks from the tech elite in a 2016 Presidential bid.

Buffett gave money to both President Obama’s and Clinton’s campaigns in 2008.