Evernote Launches New Web Client

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evernote web client

The Evernote web client is about to get a big refresh, CEO Phil Libin announced during his keynote at today’s EC4 conference. By Libin’s telling, the team realized that the user experience was “clunky,” and sought to make a simpler interface that “melts away” as you write.

The new web app uses a lot more white space throughout the interface, leaving you with a much cleaner workspace that doesn’t draw your eye to past notes as you add new ones to the same extent as you’d fine the native desktop app.

As with the previous web client, this new update will be available for free to registered Evernote users but will offer more features to Premium subscribers. If you’d like to check out the difference between the desktop or mobile apps (or have yet to sign up but would like to see what the fuss is about), Libin says that the new web client will be available today.

Update: I just jumped over to the site, and the new client is indeed available if you agree to go to the Beta. Here’s what the new home screen looks like:

evernote web client

And here’s the new note-taking interface looks like. Libin wasn’t kidding when he said that things melt away from the screen:

evernote web client

Featured Image: Evernote