Barry Bonds Discovers Glassing

Urban Dictionary might be adding a new definition to the word “glassing.” Former Major League Baseball left fielder Barry Bonds sent out a tweet and an Instagram of himself sporting a pair of Google glasses yesterday while looking off into the distance and holding a cup of coffee. The message starts with “I’m glassing.”

However, Bond’s tweet is not an official endorsement for Google. It seems to actually be a shout out to his friend and UX/UI designer Anthony Phills. Phills had posted an earlier tweet of a picture of him taking a picture of Barry Bonds taking a picture (we’re getting meta here) of him via Google Glass. Phills had previously mentioned in several tweets while on a recent trip to the Bay that he was “glassing.”

Glassing is now a term starting to pop up in the twittershpere in reference to actions taken while using the Google device. There’s even a Twitter profile called @iamglassing…though it’s mostly retweets of Phills tweets with reference to the term.

Bonds is new to this whole social media thing. He sent his first tweet out this Sept 3 and joined Instagram just a week and a half ago. He seems to have the hashtag concept down, though. Bonds notably added #onlyinthebay as a possible reference to both his friend’s sudden love affair with the phenom of “glassing” and the popular appearance of such head gear in Silicon Valley.