Intuit Acquires UK-Based Payroll Service PaySuite

Continuing on its acquisition roll this year, Intuit has added cloud payroll service PaySuite to its roster. Intuit added Check and Lettuce Apps in May. It also pulled in India startup Invitco this July.

The merger was jointly announced on both the Intuit and PaySuite blogs today as well as in a tweet sent out from Intuit Quickbooks UK:

Intuit announced plans to integrate the UK-based PaySuite into its Quickbooks service back in April. PaySuite is one of the larger providers of payroll software in the U.K. The company says that the partnership will help them to continue development for “small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers across the U.K. and around the world.”

“By bringing PaySuite into the QuickBooks Online ecosystem in the UK, we’re striving to ensure that small businesses and accountants in the UK benefit from a seamless experience,” Intuit’s blog post states.

There are more than 1.7M Quickbooks users worldwide, according to Intuit. PaySuite says it will now be able to fully integrate the 5 million small businesses it works with in the UK. This is the first acquisition for Intuit for the fiscal year, which starts August 1st.