Nymi’s Beta SDK And Device Emulator Go Live In Advance Of Consumer Launch

The days of the password are numbered – increasing security risks and requirements mean that old-fashioned alphanumeric passwords are just plain impractical long-term, and already startups like Bionym are looking to create their replacement. The company’s Nymi heartrate authentication wristband is set to ship soon, but for now, developers can get started building software for it with the new open beta and “Nymulator” hardware emulator for Windows and Mac.

The Nymulator and the SDK together mean developers can prototype software to work with the Nymi without actually having a unit, although the startup is working to get developer hardware in the hands of interested programmers by the end of summer through a request-based program that will seed prototype devices.

As part of its developer portal launch, Bionym will be profiling the most interesting developer projects that cross its desk, which of course also helps the startup by showing off what kinds of things consumers might expect to be able to do with the accessory once they can get their hands on one. We got to try out one of the first hands-on demos of the Nymi in action, and it did indeed hold a lot of promise; uses include logging into and setting up a computer for a specific user profile, and you can imagine the Nymi eventually doing the same thing for your home when you enter, or for your (or a rental) car with additional connected intelligence systems.

I fully expect similar functions to eventually be built into either devices like smartphones, or companion multi-purpose wearables like those being developed by Google partners, and, if the rumors are correct, Apple, but Nymi’s wristband will prove an instrumental stepping stone in getting there.