Next-Gen Cybersecurity Is All About Behavior Recognition

In the wake of devastating personal information leaks, like Target’s back in 2014 affecting more than 70 million customers and the more recent Ashley Madison data breach, concerns over cybersecurity

Bionym Raises $14M Series A For Its Heartbeat Authentication Wristband

Toronto-based startup Bionym has raised a $14 million Series A round of funding, including investment from Ignition Partners, Relay Ventures, MasterCard and Salesforce Ventures. The round includes a l

Nymi’s Beta SDK And Device Emulator Go Live In Advance Of Consumer Launch

The days of the password are numbered – increasing security risks and requirements mean that old-fashioned alphanumeric passwords are just plain impractical long-term, and already startups like Bion

Watch The Nymi Heartbeat Identification Wristband Personalize Its Wearer’s PC

Toronto-based hardware startup Bionym gave a special public demo of its Nymi ECG authentication and identification wristband at the monthly We Are Wearables event yesterday, and talked a bit about th

PasswordBox Partnership Lets The Nymi ECG Wristband Log You In Anywhere On Mobile

The Nymi armband from Toronto-startup Bionym is edging closer to reality, and a new partnership announced today helps make it more clear how it’ll be useful to everyday consumers. Bionym is team

Bionym’s Vision For A Future Where Secure Account Holders Are Their Own Credentials

Toronto-based Bionym turned heads with its concept for wearable hardware that authenticates a user based on their heartwave signature, which could turn the whole world of digital security on its head.

Nymi, The Heartwave-Sensing Wristband For ID Authentication, Launches SDK For 6K+ Developers

Toronto-based startup Bionym has launched an SDK for its forthcoming identity-authenticating wristband, Nymi. It said today that more than 6,000 developers have registered their interest in building s