The Smart Key Chain Will Store Your Files, Check Your Email, And Find Your Keys

Because everything is getting smarter, it would be silly to think that keychains would be exempt.

The Smart Keychain has four uses in one small package: USB file storage, upcoming calendar alerts, incoming email notifications, and a key locator.

The file storage bit, to me at least, is kind of a joke considering the powers of cloud storage. Still, an extra reminder for calendar alerts and incoming email on your keychain isn’t a bad idea, especially for those of us who have no plans to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon.

Where email is concerned, the Smart Keychain app lets you designate five people or organizations as very important, and you’ll receive any new emails from the important folks on the Smart Keychain. It pings your email every fifteen minutes, so breaking news in emails or time-sensitive stuff should still be handled on the phone.

The most attractive part of the whole product, in my opinion, is the key locator, with the extra features standing in as an added benefit. Users can find their keys by pressing a button on the phone, which will sound an alarm on the keychain.

The Smart Keychain can be pre-ordered on Indiegogo starting at $59, with options for 8GB, 16GB or 32GB options.

For now, it’s only compatible with iOS, but Android is in the works. Plus, the team is trying to add support for Rewards card integration, as well as a health/fitness tracking option.

Learn more on the Indiegogo page.