National Geographic Experiments With Storehouse

Six months after its launch, award-winning iPad app Storehouse has formed a strong community of storytellers, including the likes of GQ Germany, RTÉ, and its most recent participant — National Geographic.

Storehouse is a visual storytelling app that lets you import photos and videos from your camera roll, Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr and create a free-form layout with or without text to tell a story.

Just a few hours ago, National Geographic posted its first story about its Your Shot meet up. Your Shot is a program from National Geographic that brings photographers together to share their photos and get feedback from the editors at the magazine.

While individual photographers such as Jim Richardson from National Geographic have been using the iPad app for a while, the magazine joining Storehouse shows that it sees a potential in the storytelling app.

Mark Kawano, CEO and co-founder of Storehouse, said print publications like National Geographic are inspirations for what started Storehouse.

“This story is really just the story of a meet up they had in Brooklyn … they said they’ve been experimenting with this platform for a whole bunch of different stories,” he said.

Kawano said since the launch, the most interesting aspect of seeing Storehouse kick off is seeing how people use it. Some people see it as a great business tool, while others use it to share recipes or restaurant reviews.

Last week, the company redesigned the website from a static page describing the app to actually showcase stories created by community members.

If Storehouse moves to a another platform, Kawano said it will come to the iPhone, and said that the company doesn’t have plans at the moment to move to Android.