WunWun Slashes Pricing To Compete With Other On-Demand Delivery Services

Going up against big players like PostMates, Uber Rush, and even Seamless, WunWun is looking to make even more of a dent in the on-demand delivery space with a switch-up on pricing.

WunWun is a mobile app that asks you what you want, where you want it to be delivered, and simply asks you to push a button. WunWun helpers will get whatever you request, text you throughout the process with any questions or updates, and deliver your request direct to wherever you are.

From now on, WunWun charges no delivery fee for restaurants or stores and is cutting the price of custom orders in half. Originally, it used to cost between $10 and $20 to get a delivery from a restaurant.

However, folks in the Hamptons will still see a small delivery fee if they order from some place way outside their local zone.

In the past, WunWun has experimented quite a bit with pricing. For a while, we were seeing a $20 delivery fee for custom orders (things like picking up your mom from the airport or delivering an Airbnb key to a guest) as well as surge pricing during times of high demand. With the new model, custom orders only cost $10 now.

This is a competitive new tier of pricing for WunWun, considering that PostMates charges anywhere between $5 and $30 for delivery and Instacart tends to mark up prices of the actual items.

In other WunWun news, the company has brought on a new Creative Director in Bobby McKenna, who was formerly a designer at Vine.

“What initially drew me to WunWun was the notion that fast delivery from any store or restaurant doesn’t have to be a luxury — it can be accessible to everyone,” said McKenna. “As creative director, I’m looking forward to getting that message out there and evolving a product that simplifies people’s lives.”

If you want to learn more about WunWun, head over to the website right here.