Here Are The First Products From Fitbit’s Partnership With Tory Burch

Fitbit is going high-style. Back at CES, the wearable gadgets company announced a partnership with Tory Burch that would involve the noted designer releasing several accessories for the Fitbit Flex. I must say, I look good in brass.

The product line involves a large bracelet and pendant necklace. They look and feel like a genuine Tory Burch product. And they have a Tory Burch price, too: the bracelet costs $195 and the pendant will set you back $175. There are also two silicon bracelets imprinted with a Tory Burch-style pattern, costing $38 each. None of the options include a Fitbit Flex. Those are sold separately.

The bracelet and necklace both have a small, hinged box with “decorative, open fretwork”. The Flex just sits in the box.

The Fitbit Flex is the company’s modular activity tracker. It’s Fitbit’s smallest tracker and out of the box, slips into a silicone bracelet but must be removed for charging. This design allows the owner to buy different colored bands and now, work with 3rd party accessories.

When I sat down with¬†Fitbit’s founder and CEO James Park earlier this year, he¬†explained to me that he sees a future where there’s a Fitbit for every occasion. These fashionable accessories from Tory Burch speak to that goal. They’re obviously not going to be worn at the gym, but rather allows a Flex owner to continue to wear their tracker late into the night.

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