AdhereTech Raises $1.75 Million In Series A

Smart pill bottle company AdhereTech today announced the close of its first Series A. Undisclosed investors in the healthcare industry funded the company with $1.75 million in financing.

The company will use the new funding to further scale its healthcare services, as well as to develop a second generation of smart pill bottles, which it said will be smaller, cheaper and easier to mass manufacture.

AdhereTech‘s patented digital pill bottle helps patients remember to take their medicine. If they miss a pill, the bottle automatically calls their phone and sends a text message via web servers. It also flashes lights and makes chiming noises if those other signals are ignored. A case manager may also call the patient to ask what is going on, depending on the way they answer the call and text messages. The system works equally well for patients with landlines, cell phones or smart phones.

AdhereTech began a pilot program with The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center this last year involving patients receiving study medications from the hospital’s investigational pharmacy. Plans are in the works to expand that program this summer with pharmaceutical companies and top research institutions.

AdhereTech, along with the University of Alabama, also recently received a second patent for their smart pill bottle, allowing for improvements to the transmission system and to further secure the intellectual property of the product.