Xiaomi Users Spend More Time In Apps Than iPhone Owners In China

Xiaomi, the so-called “Apple of China,” is beating its namesake on one important metric in its homeland: time spent in apps. According to a study performed in January by app analytics firm Flurry, Xiaomi smartphone users spend 7 percent more time in apps than Apple users in China.

That’s the first time Flurry’s gotten that result; for six years, the firm says the iPhone beat every Android device they collected data on by a wide margin.

Here’s how the top Android phone makers stack up against the iPhone in China in terms of time spent in apps:

Xiaomi Flurry

It’s perhaps important to look at how users are spending their time, as well. It seems that Xiaomi’s large, high-definition screens are appealing to their users who spend 62 percent more time than other Chinese smartphone users in media and entertainment apps, which Flurry describes as “content that’s consumed in the living room and in movie theaters.”

Flurry’s data showed similar results in October, when Flurry claimed that it would be more accurate to call Xiaomi the “Apple-meets-Netflix of China.”

Xiaomi Flurry

Flurry’s data also shows that Xiaomi is doing exceptionally well among young professional Chinese users, over-indexing in the 18-24 and 25-34 age brackets by 21 percent and 22 percent, respectively.