Product Hunt, The Valley’s Water Cooler For Discussing New Apps And Services, Is Coming To iOS

Product Hunt, the buzzed about site for early adopters offering a mixed of new products, sites and apps as well as undiscovered older gems, is soon getting its own gorgeous and fully featured iOS application. According to founder Ryan Hoover, the app will offer the same daily list of products as on the web, as well as user comments, profiles and push notifications for when your name gets mentioned or someone replies to your comment.

For those unfamiliar with Product Hunt, the site has been gaining steam over the past several months, becoming a daily must-read for those in the tech industry.

While tech news sites – like TechCrunch – offer more of a mix of breaking news, startup launches, fundings and other reviews, Product Hunt is solely focused on the water cooler-like discussions taking place around products, whether brand new or more “new to you.”

Today, the site is regularly read by a number of high-profile tech industry founders, product enthusiasts, reporters and investors, the latter who are hoping to catch wind of the next big thing before their colleagues do.

ProducTind, A Third-party Product Hunt App

But one thing that Product Hunt has been lacking, so far, is a native mobile experience.

That’s why we were excited to see the first native iOS application for Product Hunt, ProducTind, appear not too long ago. A combination of Product Hunt’s data and a Tinder-like voting mechanism, the new app was created by Yusuke Matsumura, an engineer with a background in AI and machine learning who’s now student at Tradecraft. Matsumura is currently living in San Francisco, but is heading back to Japan in August, he says.


His app is fun to use, but still a bit rough around the edges and in need of a better user interface. Plus, because it was built before Product Hunt’s forthcoming API became available, it’s not able to actually push your upvotes to Product Hunt as you may expect. Instead, those votes just add your “liked” products to a list of favorites in the app.

Product Hunt’s Official App Coming Soon

But while ProducTind is more of an MVP at this point, a more polished version of Product Hunt for mobile is soon on the way.

Hoover says the official Product Hunt app is being built with help from David McKinney, an Australian app designer and developer who previously built apps like Discovr and the Flipcase, and Andreas Klinger, an entrepreneur and developer from Europe known for work in the fields of product analytics and metrics.

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Starting today, Product Hunt users are able to sign up to get on the list for early access to the iOS app beta build, before the app launches publicly in the App Store in early to mid-August. You can do so here.

Will Product Hunt’s own iOS app shoot up to the top Product Hunt now, we wonder? Let’s find out.