Vine Update Introduces Loop Counts So You Know How Great You Are

For the narcissist in all of us, Vine has today introduced Loop Counts, which show the number of times someone has watched your gif play over and over again in their feed.

As many of you well know, Vine lets users share six-second looping videos in an Instagram like feed. Those Vines can be re-vined by other users, commented on, or liked.

The update is integrated with the web versions, both embedded and on, so you know how popular your Vine is no matter the platform.

Vine has also revamped its home feed to include larger, edge-to-edge videos, as well as an updated Activity Feed. Likes and Re-vines are now separated by what’s newer and what you’ve already seen, and when one of your Vines does exceedingly well, you’ll receive a milestone push notification letting you know how awesome you are.

The update is available for both the iOS and Android versions of the app, which you can check out here.